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"Brilliant! A real page-turner. The meticulously researched battle scenes are on a par with those of Bernard Cornwell. I can't wait for Volume 2..." - Lancs Historian

"A terrific read... The ripples of intrigue, injustice and jealousy running from Henry VIII's court lead to graphic and colourful descriptions of 16th century combat. The Devil's Band takes us to the heart of the era and one feels far better informed by the end, albeit teased by the prospect of future volumes. Volume 1 is ambitious on several levels but it achieves at all of them." - Amazon Customer

"A thrilling read, had me hooked from the start... I couldn't help but be reminded of 'The Raiders of the Lost Ark' in tone and pace. Both Thomas and Indy having to use their wits and good fortune to escape the numerous scrapes into which they fall, but unlike Indy, an archaeologist, Thomas is a alchemist of the dark arts, so much more badass!" - Amazon Customer

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