Thomas Devilstone is on the run. His enemies at the court of King Henry VIII, led by the scheming Cardinal Wolsey, have conspired to have the King's astrologer charged with practising black magic but Thomas has been forewarned of his impending arrest and has escaped to London's East End.

whilst in hiding, thomas tries to borrow money, to buy a passage to France, but is recognised by one of Wolsey' s informers and captured.Thrown into the stinking dungeons of London's Fleet prison, Thomas meets three other victims of Tudor tyranny: a Lutheran heretic, an exiled Nubian prince and a former captain of Catherine of Aragon's guard.

Tried and convicted of trying to raise demons, Thomas is sent to The Tower of London to await execution but, with the help of the powerful Boleyn family, he contrives to escape and arranges for his former cellmates from the Fleet to be released as well. Together, the four men are spirited across The Channel where Thomas joins the court-in-exile of Richard de la Pole, only surviving heir of the last Yorkist king Richard III, who is plotting to overthrow the usurping Tudors .

Having joined the 'White Rose', Thomas is commanded to use his knowledge of the occult to restore the House of York but he knows that he has no power over the supernatural and his life as a necromancer and sorcerer has been a complete fraud. Nevertheless he formulates a plan so fantastic, both his allies and his enemies will be convinced that Thomas Devilstone is the most powerful magician in all Christendom...

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