The Devilstone Chronicles are set during the reign of Henry VIII and tell the story of Thomas Devilstone, a disgraced alchemist, necromancer and astrologer.

After his constant failure to perform spells successfully, this would-be sorcerer has come to doubt his belief in the occult and he now understands that much of what appears to be magic can be produced by purely natural means. This knowledge allows him to dupe his enemies and thwart his rivals as he struggles to revive his fortunes but, having fallen foul of Cardinal Wolsey, Thomas is forced to flee abroad.

Whilst in exile, he becomes a soldier of fortune, in the hope he can use his wits and his sword to win back both the king’s favour and his family’s lost estates. To help him in this ambition, he forms an unlikely alliance with three other mercenaries namely a Lutheran convert, a Portuguese adventurer and an escaped African galley slave...

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